Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization

We are a Non-Kill Organization

Monroe County May 2017

Here's my report. We were leaving and just past the cemetery. Never noticed it before so I was looking on that side as we passed it. Between 100 and 200 feet past cemetery, I noticed what I thought was a woman with long brown hair. This lasted about a few seconds. Well I noticed when passing by it, it looked like a broken off tree too. I stopped and Edie asked what did you see. I immediately put car in reverse and I said maybe a bigfoot. Well as I was hurrying backing up Edie said stop, I saw it. I saw more of front side, she saw the back side. I did not describe what I had seen, Edie said she saw long brown hair. That's what I saw too. Her description was identical to what I seen. Had long brown hait, maybe a little sandish red highlights in the mix but mostly brown. What's really strange is that it looked shiny and pretty well groomed believe it or not. The face was a light beige or light tan color. We got out and started yelling, are there any hikers back there several times, no one. It may have been about 70 feet from the road. Please share with Jim and Chris. You 3 are the only ones I trust 100%. Only twice I ever stopped the car... 1st when it crossed on Farr rd and yesterday. I didn't see it when Edie saw it but her description did match what I seen..