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Monroe County 2003

ndiana Bigfoot Awareness Group Report #0003-2005 DATE: Late Nov. 2003 / Sat 29th or Sun 30th TIME: aprox. 7:am LOCATION: SOUTH OF BLOOMINGTON AND EAST OF STANFORD in Monroe County TYPE: Vocalization(s) AREA/TERRAIN: FOREST WITH A WATER WAY AND COW FIELDS WEATHER: 30S AND OVERCAST EVENT/ENCOUNTER: I GOT OFF TO A LATE START THAT MORNING. IT WAS ABOUT 7:00 AM AND I WENT THREW THE GATE AND STARTED DOWN THE HILL AND AT ABOUT HALF WAY DOWN THIS BLAST OF NOISE JUST HIT ME FROM MY RIGHT AT ABOUT 60 YARDS I WOULD SAY. I JUST FROZE IN MID STEP AND TURNED TO MY RIGHT I COULD HEAR IT THRASHING ABOUT. IT SCREAMED 3 MORE TIMES AS IT WALKED DOWN THE DRY CREEK BED PREVIOUS EVENTS: None SEEN/OBSERVED: I HAVE SEEN TREE BREAKS. SNAPPED AND TWISTED BOTH HEARD: 4 vocalization/screams - the first two were closer together, then the last two were 15 or 20 seconds later and apart. It was moving away as it screamed. SMELL: none OTHER NOTES: THAT WAS THE ONLY DAY I EVER HUNTED DOWN THERE AND NEVE SAW ONE DEER. IT WAS STILL THAT WHOLE DAY. WHAT I DO KNOW IS IT WAS VERY BIG IT WAS ON TWO FEET AND IT WAS NOT ANY THING I HAVE EVER HEARD BEFORE. THE BRUSH WAS TOO THICK TO SEE ANYTHING. WENT TO MY STAND BUT NEVER SAW ANYTHING OUT THERE ALL DAY. THE AREA STAYED REAL QUITE. MIKES NOTES: I spoke with **** via phone. While he doesn't recall if it was Saturday or Sunday, it was the weekend of Thanksgiving. This is private property of a family that he and his family knew when he was in high school. He has not been back there since that day. Would like to 'sometime'. Invited me to contact him in the future if I'm down in the area again and may be able to show me the area if he can get permission. Per his request, his name will be withheld from the website. If I have any further questions, he was very open to my calling again and has become very interested in the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. He found my website to make his report, by reading an online news article out of Jennings County that mentioned my website. Michael R. Bardsley Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group www.bigfoot46555.net bigfoot46555@earthlink.net Received/Posted: Monday, Aug.8, 2005 / Wednesday, Aug.10, 2005 ;