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YEAR: 1973 SEASON: Summer MONTH: July DATE: 10 STATE: Indiana COUNTY: Hamilton County LOCATION DETAILS: Just outside Westfield on Carey Road. NEAREST TOWN: Westfield NEAREST ROAD: Carey Road OBSERVED: (Report as stated in telephone interview with investigator)When I was thirteen years of age a friend and I were riding our bicycles on a country road near some abandoned railroad tracks. We were startled to hear a maple tree come crashing to the ground. My friend immediately left on his bicycle. The tree was about two inches in diameter. Looking up I was amazed to see a very tall large animal standing next to the tree. It was about seven and one half feet tall and very hairy. I would guess it weighed about four hundred fifty pounds. I was about ninety feet from it. I froze in disbelief and we stared at each other for at least two minutes. It then slowly started walking towards me and I panicked. I turned my bicycle around and road home as fast as I could go. ALSO NOTICED: None OTHER WITNESSES: Just one, but he did not stick around. OTHER STORIES: None TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1 p.m. Clear, dry and hot. ENVIRONMENT: Woods. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stan Courtney: I spoke with the witness by phone. Since he no longer has internet service I filled out the sighting report for him. He stated he was unable to see any facial features because the animal was too hairy. The animals arms were very long and as it walked towards him it was on two feet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------