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Cass County 2010

2110 DATE: Monday, October 11 - 2010 TIME: aprox/approaching 3:00PM TYPE: visual - aprox 15 to 20 feet away - no obstructions - lasted probably <10 seconds WITNESS(S): 68 year old female sighted / daughter present but did not *see* object, but did smell and hear other events immediately following sighting AREA/TERRAIN: West of Logansport along the Wabash River - aprox <1000 feet from river. The overall area is rural, wooded with agriculture. WEATHER: Sunny and hot - high of 83‹ EVENT/ENCOUNTER: In the mid-afternoon, the witness and adult daughter went for a golf cart ride in a woods where they had permission to ride. This is NOT their property. This was not uncommon as the family in general enjoys spending time out relaxing and the weather was good, being October now. Being that some tree removal had taken place recently, the mother/daughter were taking their time watching where they were going out of concern for safety. [implied] They were facing west (roughly) with the daughter on the cart's driver's side (left) and the sighting witness on the right side. As they came to a stop, the daughter was looking off to the south as the witness was looking at some fallen timber on the right side (north) of the cart. As soon as they came to a halt, the witness looked up at the 'butt' of a tree that had been cut down, and standing beside the stump and fallen tree was what was described to be an approximately 7' tall, black hair covered bi-pedal creature that stood silently, staring at her. This was estimated to be 15 to 20 feet away by the witness and family, and upon seeing the site, I confirmed it was just under 20'. In the next couple of seconds, the creature turned away using it's whole upper body at one time {as described by witness} and moved around to the back of the tree, stepped over one of the lower trunk limbs now horizontal to the ground and silently moved off into the woods. The whole time, the witness was sitting there with her hand up, finger pointing at *it* trying to say something to get her daughter's attention. She could not speak. Finally, she blurted out "BIGFOOT!" and the daughter turned to look, and saw nothing, as it was completely gone. Turning and seeing her mother's face ashen/pale and filled with fear, the daughter hit the pedal and began to drive down the lanes that would take them out of the woods to a clearing, fearing she may have just suffered a stroke. Once they were out of the woods, they both began smelling a foul, "dead" kind of smell they had NOT smelled in the area prior to the event. They also began hearing "something big, running really fast" through the woods, but not visually obvious, that appeared to be coming closer and closer. Fearing 'what-ever it was' would soon come out of the woods near or at them, the daughter made a statement about "it coming" and "we need to get out of here"... and then it suddenly went silent. Upon agreement, the mother/daughter left the area and went back to 'home' and immediately contacted several other family members who were at work. That evening, several of the family members went back to where it had happened but found nothing of note to suggest anything had been present. IndianaBigfoot.com was contact the next day via email, Tuesday, October 12, 2010, and on Thursday October 14, 2010 an on-site visit was made. The remainder of this report are quotes made by the witness, and observations and field notes taken by me, Mike Bardsley over the course of October 2010. My last contact was by phone on October 31, 2010. At the time of the on-site visit and interview, the witness was observably shaken and still nervous to even discuss the incident. She reported having trouble sleeping, and when she COULD sleep, she was having nightmares. Here are a few selected quotes from the primary witness: @ Q: What is YOUR gut reaction to/about what happened? A: I'm scared to death now! Q: What has this event done to change you, if at all? A: I will never be the same. I LIVE IN FEAR THAT HE WILL COME UP TO MY HOUSE AT NIGHT. I TRY NOT TO TALK ABOUT IT. ... other answers to obvious questions. "I'm so scared now and I can't get over at what i seen. i feel crazy at times and I put chairs up to the doors at night. Im afraid to go out at night but I seen this in daylight. I can't get over this!" "YES HE HAD A HEAD BUT IT WAS FROM THE SIDE I SEEN HIM, HE TURNED BUT HE TURN HIS SHOULDERS ALL AT ONCE NOT TURN JUST HIS HEAD LIKE WE DO. HIS ARMS HUNG DOWN AND LONG AND HE WAS BLACK AND HAIRY. He was gone so soon but we got out fast." "I did not make eye contact it happen so fast but he seen us too. He was just gone behind a tree." "I don't know how to get over this. I have went back out with the family in the daytime hope in to get over it but nothing works." ...................... Here are some of my closing thoughts and observations. Upon meeting the witness, I was immediately caught off guard by how frightened and nervous she still was. This event had happened 3 days prior to my meeting her and the family. She mentioned more than once, a recurring thought of "what if this thing comes up to my house or something?" which oddly seems to be in the thoughts of many who have close-up, personal encounters. I've encouraged her to talk as much as she can with her family members who are showing her as much concern and support as they can. I was still concerned upon talking to her Oct. 31st at the fear and concern in her voice about the possibility of having "it" come find her still. (a recurring fear among many sightees) She did indicate that while she does NOT go outside at night right now, she's been back outdoors a few times during the day for typical type things. To face her fears, she 'did' go back into the woods a couple times with a large entourage of family present, but really is NOT fond of going back out there at all, at this time. There have been other sightings in Cass County in the last few years, and if certain accounts are correct, some signs of bigfoot/sasquatch presence in the overall area have been found for many decades. Last but not least, and I hate to "go there", but this report as well as every report that comes in to IndianaBigfoot.com from here on, WILL BE condensed and watered-down due the unfortunate trend in bigfoot research where certain anti-social types attempt to compromise and publish witness and location confidentiality due to their belief they have a "right to know" everything everyone else does. These people are a scourge to legitimate bigfoot research and should be avoided at all costs. (this includes a few 'groups' as well... ) If you don't know who they are, you're lucky. @ Mike Bardsley IndianaBigfoot.com November 7, 2010 Indiana Bigfoot 2-21-2008 ;